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Video "Non-Euclidean Geometry"

When the initial reading for Non-Euclidean geometry has been completed. You should study the above video produced by the "Open University". This video can be viewed in the University library when is open 9 am - 9 pm Monday to Thursday, 9 am - 5.15 pm Friday and 9 am - 12.30 pm Saturday. It is just necessary to ask for the video by name at the library enquiries.


Further Non-Euclidean Geometry

Before attempting the assessment, it may be necessary to read about Non-Euclidean Geometry in more detail. It is suggested that you look at the Non-Euclidean Geometry links and read the section on Non-Euclidean geometry from "The History of Mathematics - A Reader". (See reading list).


  1. You should now attempt the whole of the assessment on the next page when you have received your previous questions back from the tutor and she has indicated that you may proceed with assessment.
  2. Note the assessment should be completed by 26 April 1999
  3. Criteria on which the assessment will be marked are listed below.
Correct proof of midsegment (10%)

2. Correct definition of orthogonal circles (10%)

3. Correct definition of Saccheri quadrilateral (10%)

4. Explanation of Lobachevsky's geometry (40%)

5. Explanation of Poincare' (10%)

6. Explanation of line (5%)

7. Explanation of theorems (15%)

A student feedback form (together with grade) will be completed for each assessment and will be available approximately three weeks after the assessment handing in date.  Please apply to the tutor for this form (either ring or email).


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