This will take the form of a group presentation, each group consisting of two students. A group document must also be produced and given in when the presentation takes place.

The title of the presentation will be :

" The Life and Contributions to the Calculus of (a given mathematician)".

The given mathematician is to be chosen from the following list :


Isaac Newton

Gottfried Leibniz

Leonhard Euler

The Bernoulli family

Marquis de l'Hopital

Pierre Simon de Laplace

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Colin Maclaurin George Berkeley Joseph-Louis Lagrange Augustin Cauchy

Each group must choose a different mathematician.


As a starting point for information on your chosen mathematician you might like to visit the web site containing biographies of hundreds of mathematicians, at :


and follow up any interesting links.



Presentation Details


1). The presentation should last between 10 and 15 minutes (and will be terminated at

15 minutes if not completed). Questions may be asked by the audience at the end.


2). Both members of the group should contribute to the presentation.


3). The document should present the same material as the presentation.


4). At the end of the document should be an indication of the contribution of each

member of the group.


5). An individual mark will be allocated to each member of the group according to

their contribution.


6). The criteria on which the presentation will be marked are as follows :


Use of visual aids (20%)

Coherence and comprehensibility (20%)

Relevancy of content (10%)

Timing (5%)

Confidence and enthusiasm (20%)

Mathematical content and accuracy (20%)

Coping with questions (5%)