Recreational Mathematics Links

These are some of my favourite sites on recreational mathematical topics.  They should be of special interest to anyone doing  our module MM2010 Nature of Maths, and hopefully to a lot of other people too.

I'll start with some lists of recreational maths links created by other people :

Mathematical Games, Toys and Puzzles  (by Jeff Erickson)

Interactive Mathematical Games and Puzzles  (by Alexander Bogomolny)

Recreational Mathematics   (by David Eppstein)

Combinatorial Game Theory  (by David Eppstein)

Number Patterns, Fun with Curves & Topology (by Jill Britton)

Nick's Mathematical Miscellany  (by Nick Hobson), including a large variety of mathematical puzzles 

Next some on specific topics :

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS)  -  for up-to-date news on the largest known primes

The Prime Pages  - more info on primes


Mathematical Games  - notes on a number of games (of the kind covered in "Winning Ways")

The Poly Pages -  lots of information (and lists of links to similar sites) on Polyominoes, Polyiamonds, Polycubes, etc.

Magic Squares

Conway's Game of Life


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Last updated  29 September 2008