CGAMES07 will be held in the vibrant city of La Rochelle. For more information about the city, see the La Rochelle web site.

La Rochelle Port #1

La Rochelle Port #2

Satellite view of La Rochelle from Google Maps.


La Rochelle has a population of around 100,000 and is situated between Nantes and Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast. It is about 500 km from Paris. It takes just 3 hours to reach Paris on the high speed train (T.G.V.). 

La Rochelle has a mild and pleasant climate. The richness of its history and cultural heritage is impressive. The town is nestled around the harbour and the town centre is full of beautiful historic buildings, monuments and stone arcades. Many foreign tourists flock to La Rochelle to enjoy its architecture, climate and the lovely nearby islands of Ré, Oléron and Aix, with their ocean beaches. It is also well known for nautical sports and rugby. 

The meetings will be held on the site of the Pole Sciences and Technologies at the University of La Rochelle. Signposting and directions will be in place to direct you to the right area.

How to reach La Rochelle 

There are many direct plane connections to La Rochelle, for example Ryanair from Dublin and Stansted and Air France from Lyon and Poitiers. Alternatively you can also fly to Paris and then use the direct TGV from Paris to La Rochelle.

As La Rochelle is a tourist destination, we suggest that you book planes and rooms very soon.

By train (SNCF): From Paris (Gare Montparnasse) by T.G.V.(high-speed train): it takes 3 hours. From Bordeaux: 2.30 hours, from Nantes 2:00 hours. The are many daily connections with Bordeaux, Nantes and Poitiers; please find more here or send a message to mike.

By plane: Connecting La Rochelle Ile-de-Ré Airport to Lyon Saint Exupéry.

By car: Paris : 467 km, Lyon : 650 km, Marseille : 825 km, Nantes : 146 km, Bordeaux : 180 km, Toulouse : 400 km, Strasbourg : 950 km.

Arriving in La Rochelle 

If you arrive by train: next to the railway station, rue Colmar you can 
catch a number 10 or 19 bus to the University. 

If you arrive by plane: you can catch a number 7 bus to Place de Verdun 
and change there for a number 10 or 19; the number 30 bus stops at La 
Médiathéque close to the Arts Faculty: La FLASH. A bus ticket costs 

If you arrive by car: follow the signposts towards Les Minimes. The 
University campus is midway between the SNCF railway station and Les 
Minimes marina.

You can also walk 20mn from the railway station.


There is a web page for most hotels in the La Rochelle region. Participants are asked to use the internet for direct booking, as they will have a lot of information about the location, the prices and the real availability. For example:

There are many hotels a short distance from the conference venue. 

We suggest:

Comfort Hotel Saint Nicolas,
13 rue Sardinerie, 
17000, La Rochelle, FR.
Web Site

The locations of the hotels listed below can be found on this map.

1 - Altica 
Rue de la scierie 
17000 La Rochelle 
Tl : 05 46 43 29 09 
Fax : 05 46 43 29 10

2 - B&B La Rochelle centre 
140 bd Joffre 
17000 La Rochelle 
Tl : 05 46 51 20 59 
Fax : 05 46 51 20 00 

3 - La Tour de Nesle 
2 quai Louis Durand 
17000 La Rochelle 
Tl : 05 46 41 05 86 
Fax : 05 46 41 95 17 

4 - Les Gens de Mer 
20 avenue du Gnral de Gaulle 
17000 La Rochelle 
Tl : 05 46 41 26 24 
Fax : 05 46 41 51 29 

5 - Ibis La Rochelle centre 
4 rue Vieljeux 
17000 La Rochelle 
Tl : 05 46 50 68 68 
Fax : 05 46 41 34 94

6 - Ibis La Rochelle Vieux Port 
Place commandant Motte Rouge 
17000 La Rochelle 
Tl : 05 46 41 60 22 
Fax : 05 46 41 93 47

7 - B&B in La Rochelle

CGAMES07 Conference
21st-23rd November 2007
Université de La Rochelle
Conference Chair: Qasim Mehdi