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Dr. Fotis Liarokapis

Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming

Fotis Liarokapis
Serious Games Institute, Coventry University Technology Park, CV1 2TL, UK

Over the past few years computer games have evolved together with the demands of modern gaming and as a result alternative methods and techniques have been developed. Game developers and artists have designed and implemented numerous categories of computer games that can support high quality graphics and some form of interaction but there is still a great demand for high level of immersion and advanced interaction techniques. Recently, a new category of games known as serious games focuses on education, learning and training with the most characteristic example Second Life but they also suffer from the same problems.

Virtual and augmented reality gaming have a number of potentials and as a result are becoming more and more appealing to game developers, artists and researchers. This research presents a case study of virtual and augmented reality gaming that can offer high level of immersion and interaction with a learning flavour. Experimental results indicate that players prefer virtual reality games in terms of efficiency and augmented reality in terms of game-play and ease of interaction techniques. As far as learning is concerned, both types of games require different skills and knowledge and players have a clear preference to augmented reality games. Overall, augmented reality seems to have all the necessary potentials to become an alternative platform for future gaming applications, but certain aspects have to be improved.

Short Bio
Dr. Fotis Liarokapis is currently a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University and a research fellow at SGI. He holds a DPhil in Computer Engineering at the University of Sussex, an MSc in Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments at the University of Hull and a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Sussex. He is also working as a honorary visiting research fellow at the Department of Information Science at City University and a visiting lecturer at the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics at the University of Sussex. He is also a member at IEEE, IET, ACM and Location & Timing KTN. He has contributed to more than 40 refereed publications, including as a principal author, to articles in journals, magazines, conferences and workshops in computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, HCI, GIS, mobile computing, eLearning and eHeritage and serious games. Finally, he is on the editorial advisory board of the open virtual reality journal published by Bentham.

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