Vol 7, No 1 (2012)

  • Risk Assessment and Tipping Points - John Tiller, Catherine Cavagnaro (P5-13)
  • Enhancing the Performance Of A Multiplayer Game By Using A Parallelizing Compiler - Yasir Ibrahim Al-Dosary, Keiji Kimura,Hironori Kasahara, Seinosuke Narita (P14-23)
  • Solving Sudoku Puzzles with Wisdom of Artificial Crowds - Ryan Hughes,   Roman V Yampolskiy Emergent Economies for Role Playing Games - Jonathon Doran, Ian Parberry (P24-29)
  • Kimi: Serious Game for Ipad To Improve Hygiene Habits In Intellectually Disabled - Begona García Zapirain (P30-34)
  • Emergent Economies for Role Playing ganes - Jonathon Doran and Ian Parberry (p35-48)


Vol 6, No 2 (2011)

  • Tipping Points and Models - Catherine Cavagnaro and John Tiller (P5-11)
  • GA with Wisdom of Artificial Crowds for Solving Mastermind Satisfiability Problem - Amine Ben Khalifa and Roman V. Yampolskiy (P12-17)
  • Language Improvement System Based on Serious Games and Voice Recognition Algorithms for Children and Teenagers with AutismSpectrum and Lack of Language Competences - Maite Frutos Pascual, Begoña García Zapirain, Amaia Méndez Zorrilla, and ItxasoBustos Mardones (P18-26)
  • Assessment of Behaviour in Serious Games of Driving Simulators - Mirela Popa and Leon Rothkrantz (P27-36)
  • Avatar Facial Biometric Authentication - Sonia Ajina, Roman V. Yampolskiy, and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara (P37-42)


Vol 6, No 1 (2010)

  • Mission and Rule-Based Approach for Wargame Artificial Intelligence - John Rushing and John Tiller (P6-15)
  • Narrative Time in Video Games - Minhua Ma and Bhavinder Bassi (P16-25)
  • Creating a Design Framework for Educational Language Games: A Hybrid Media Scenario Study - Janne Paavilainen, Hannamari Saarenpää, Antti Syvänen, Anu Seisto and Maija Federley (P26-38)
  • Psycho- Stimulation Therapy by Tangram Game Using Augmented - Begoña García Zapirain, Amaia Méndez Zorrilla and Sabin Larrañaga (P39-45)
  • Influence maps For Facilitating Tactical Engagement Decisions in Real-Time Strategy Games - Jacquelyne Forgette, Renata Wachowiak-Smolíková, and Mark P. Wachowiak (P46-53)
  • Are We Game? A Study of the Social Factors and Motivations Behind Video Gaming Amongst Female Undergraduates - Li Zhiqiang Nickole and Timothy Marsh(P54-62)


Vol 5, No 2 (2009)

  • Playing Texas Hold'em Poker Online Using Case-Based Reasoning - Ian Watson and Jonathan Rubin (P6-13)
  • Collaborative Robot Agents For AIBO Soccer - E. Daman, I.J.J. Borm, Z. Yang, and L.J.M. Rothkrantz (P14-25)
  • Serious Game Based Learning Creating a Triangle of Success: Play, Interact and Learn - Mostafa El-Said and Samah Manso (P26-32)
  • Adaptive Storytelling Based On Model-Checking Approaches - Nicolas Rempulski, Armelle Prigent, Pascal Estraillier, Vincent Courboulay, and Matthieu Perreira (P33-42)
  • Neuro WII: Game As A Treatement For Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorders - Begonia Garcia Zapirain, Amaia Mendez Zorrilla, and Ibon Ruiz Oleagordia (P43-51)


Vol 5, No 1 (2008)

  • Sound and Immersion in the First-Person Shooter -Mark Grimshaw (P5-11)
  • An Application of Goms Model to Analyse and Predict Gamer Behaviours in Mmorpg - Seungkeun Song, Jun Jo and Michel Eboueya (P12-18)
  • E-Campus: A Mmorpg Providing E-Services to Campus Users - Didier Sébastien, Olivier Sébastien and Noël Conruyt (P19-24)
  • Invincible - A Stratego Bot - Vincent de Boer and Leon Rothkrantz and Pascal Wiggers (P25-?)
  • Plot Control for Emergent Narrative: A Case Study on Tetris - Guylain Delmas, Ronan Champagnat, Michel Augeraud
  • Play, Game, World: Anatomy of a Videogame - Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Gilles Methel


Vol 4, No 2 (2007)

  • Pipeline for Populating Games with Realistic Crowd - Rachel McDonnell, Simon Dobbyn, Carol O'Sullivan (P5-19)
  • Socio-constructivist Framegame Design: Theoretical and Empirical Consideration - Margot Kaszap, Michael Power, Sylvie Rail (P20-26)
  • The Roles of Spatial Auditory Perception and Cognition in the Accessibility of a Game Map with a First Person View -  Antoine Gonot, Stephane Natkin, Marc Emerit, Noël Chateau (P27-43)
  • The QASE API: A Comprehensive Platform for Games-Based AI Research and Education - Bernard Gorman, Martin Fredriksson, Mark Humphrys (P44-59)


Vol 4, No 1 (2006)

  • MHiCS, a Motivational Architecture of Action Selection for Non-Player Characters in Dynamic Environments - Gabriel Robert, Agnès Guillot (P5-16)
  • Bots with Attitude - Penny Baillie-de-By (P17-28)
  • Fast Decompression of Textures Using Vector Quantisation and Wavelet Decomposition - Stephen J McGlinchey (P29-38)
  • Crowd Modelling for Military Simulations using Game Technology - Frederic D McKenzie, Mikel D Petty, Paul A Kruszewski, Ryland C Gaskins, Jennifer Seevinck, Eric W Weisel, Quynh-Ah H Nguyen (P39-58)
  • Reinforcement Learning and Genetic Programming for Motion Acquisition - Adam Szarowicz, Jaroslaw Francik, Ewa Lach (P59-70)
  • Species Diversity in Evolution of Game Tactics - Paulo Calado, João Pedro Neto, Helder Coelho (P70-73)


Vol 3, No 2 (2005)

  • A Multiplayer O.P.I.A.T.E. - C. R. Fairclough and P. Cunningham (P54-61)
  • Designing Interactivity in Computer Games: a UML Approach - A. C. Siang, G.S.V Radha Krishan Rao (P62-69)
  • Game based learning using web technologies - C. Bouras, V. Igglesis, V. Kapoulas, I. Misedakis, O. Dzianbenko, A. Koubek, M. Pirec and A. Sfiri (P70-87)
  • The Analysis of Friendly NPC Behaviour - K. Mitchell (P88-96)
  • How to Construct Tetris Configurations - H. J. Hoogeboom and W. A. Kosters (P97-105)
  • Strategies for solving the N-goal problem - I. Wright (P106-118)


Vol 3, No 1 (2004)

  • Dynamic Strategy Creation and Selection Using Artificial Immune Systems - C. Fyfe (P1-6)
  • A novel obsolescence-based approach to event delivery synchronization in multiplayer games - S. Ferretti and M. Roccetti (P7-19)
  • A new method for 3D face model generation for personalized game characters. - T. Erdu (P20-28)
  • Interactive Narrative Architecture based on Filmmaking Theory -M. S. El-Nasr (P29-36)
  • A Petri Net Model for Computer Games Analysis - Stephane Natkin and Liliana Vega (P37-44)
  • On-line Adaptation of Game Opponent AI with Dynamic Scripting - P. Spronck, I. Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper and E. Postma (P45-53)


Vol 2, No 2 (2003)

  • Video Based Motion Capture System as Intuitive Interface - Yoshiaki Akazawa, Yoshihiro Okada and Koichi Niijima (P64-71)
  • A Six Dimensional Paradigm for Generating Emotions in Virtual Characters - P. Baillie-de Byl (P72-79)
  • On-Line Coevolution for Action Games - P. Demasi and A. J. de O. Cruz (P80-88)
  • On the Effect of Reduced Quality of Service in Multiplayer On-Line Games - J. Antila and J. Lakkakorpi (P89-95)
  • Advergaming: A New Breed of Computer Games - P. Middleton & K. Harper (P96-100)
  • Networking and Multiplayer Computer Games – The Story So Far - J. Smed, T. Kaukoranta and H. Hakonen (P101-110)

Vol 2, No 1 (2003)

  • Coordinating piece movements in a semi-concurrent abstract board game - T. Pannérec (P5-10)
  • Dynamic character animations - S. M. Grünvogel (P11-19)
  • Improved opponent intelligence through offline learning - P. Spronck, I. Spinkhuizen and E. Postma (P20-27)
  • Creating socially interactive no-player characters: The µ-SIV system - B. McNamee and P. Cunningham (P28-35)
  • The execution kernel of RC++: RETE*, a faster RETE with TREAT as a special case - I. Wright and J. Marshall (P36-48)
  • Video games in education - K. Squire (P49-62)


Vol 1, No 1 (2002)

  • Generating Dynamic Storylines through Characters Interactions - Fred Charles, Steven J. Mead and Marc Cavazza (P5-11)
  • Animating Intelligent Games Characters Using Mesh Skinning - Zhigang Wen, Q.Mehdi, N. E. Gough (P12-17)
  • AI Architectures for Games: A Review of 3D Accelerator Technology - D. Al-Dabass, R. Cant, N. Chia (P18-24)
  • Artificial Player for Quake III Arena - J. M. P. van Waveren, L. J. M. Rothkrantz (P25-32)
  • Component-Based Audio-Video Communication Tool for Network 3D Games - H. Sakomoto, Y. Okada, E. Itoh, M. Yamashita (P33-40)

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